Wine and Products


Barbera is the queen wine of Basso Monferrato. It expresses its potential in the region, which offers a unique combination of sandy soil with lots of limestone and clay, hot summers, cold winters and many waterways. The collar is medium in size, the berry slightly oval and rich in sugar and color, and the shell has a medium tannin content.

Barbera berries are used to produce three wines:

La Briosa: A lively red wine that is bottled in the spring after harvest. It is fermenting slowly in the bottle and has a light foam.

La Classica: Wine aged one year in steel and one year in bottle, to make it softer and more harmonious, though preserving the small roughness typical of the Barbera of our hills. Fruity fresh wine.

La Suprema: Wine maturing in steel for one year and aged in oak barrels for one year. This combination creates a magnificent red wine, soft and able to satisfy even the most demanding palates. 

Grignolino is a red grape variety from hilly area of ​​Monferrato. It is not easy to cultivate for its sensitivity to many diseases of the vine and rot, also because of its very compact bunches. It prefers sunny exposures and poor, sandy, dry and well drained soils.

Grignolino grapes are used to produce two wines:

Il Fior di Pesco: Rosé with orange tones. Young and lively wine. Served fresh it is well suited for an aperitif on a warm summer evening.

Il Bocciolino di Rosa: Wine of those light ruby ​​red, it is particularly suitable for cold cuts and cheeses thanks to the tannic aftertaste.


The Wine cellar

As in the traditional country houses of Monferrato, the cellar was built underground, entirely dug into the tufa, with a vaulted ceiling that supports the manor. The bunches are de-stemmed and crushed on the courtyard. The must then is poured into the old coated concrete barrels which function as a natural fridge, to begin the fermentation. After the fermentation the new wine is left to rest in steel barrels, sometimes refined in oak barrels, and then bottled directly in the farm.

Hazelnut and chocolate cream

Our hazelnut and chocolate spread “Quercella” is a delicacy. It will remain in your heart! At a selection of quality chocolates, we add our hazelnut grains to create a unique product. It does not contain palm oil and is gluten-free.

We offer our hazelnuts I.G.P. in vacuum bags with or without shells.