The Manacorda Farmtaste


The Manacorda wants to offer a traditional taste experience through ingredients of great quality from farms of Piedmont. The traditional piedmont’s dishes are prepared with a modern touch by our experienced chef  Emanuele. The Manacorda offers a warm and relaxing environment, that allows one to leave behind the stress of everyday life.

The Manacorda is the novelty of the La Quercia Rossa. After many years in which the women of the family reigned in the kitchen, from 2019 it will  be Emanuele Monzeglio preparing with experience and passion the traditional dishes of Monferrato. Emanuele, born and raised in Moncalvo, has always worked in the region, with more than 20 years of experience, he continues the tradition and, in certain dishes, creates a more modern touch. Our staff is made up of young people from the area.

The name “Manacorda” was chosen (the noble family who built the farmhouse at the beginning of the 18th century) to underline the evolution of the La Quercia Rossa. One can choose an à la carte menu, a traditional menu, or a fancy menu.

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Fantasy Menù

On request dishes for special dietary requirements can prepared, well aware of the necessary attention in preparation and service, having some intolerances in the family.